Raiz Ibérica

by Urze de Lume

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    CD comes with 16 pages booklet.

    V/A: Àrnica, Sangre de Muérdago, Urze de Lume, Keltika Hispanna, Stillme, Caelia, Azagatel, Wihinnei Rita, Cosmos, The Wyrm, Ángel Román.

    'Raíz Ibérica' ('Iberian Root') is a meeting of Iberian bands dealing with the myths, legends and origins of Iberia Peninsula (Spain & Portugal).

    From delicate folk tunes to Ur-Folk through more Natural-Ambient songs to even Ritual passages and Traditional Music. All bands involved have a deep connection with the old roots, stones and mountains forming this particular land.

    This is the perfect compilation to be intruduced in Iberian folk nowadays. More if you're interested in the folk rooted on traditions, legends and old Gods...

    1. URZE DE LUME · Alvorada de Montesinho
    2. CAELIA · Largas noches
    3. STILLME · Yo soy la cumbre 04:57
    4. SANGRE DE MUÉRDAGO · Soterrados baixo as pedras
    5. AZAGATEL · Sangue dos deuses
    6. ÁRNICA · Cuerno roto
    7. COSMOS · Os voitres oscurecen o ceo
    8. THE WYRM · La estantiga
    9. WIHINEI RITA · El canto de la calandria
    10. KELTIKA HISPANNA · Trikantam entor-kue toutam
    11. ARDE FERO · Pétreo flamejo
    12. ÁNGEL ROMÁN · Canto ritual en tarteso

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released April 1, 2014



Urze de Lume Lisbon, Portugal

Urze de Lume represent a homage to the past.

Strongly inspired by the Iberian tradition, their music aims to celebrate the roots which identify a people and bind them to their land.

Their repertoire transmits the surviving soul of an era in which man and nature walked hand in hand, with respect for the land, the occult and its origins.
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